Ban haven logo

The logo of Ban Haven

Ban Haven (Japanese: バンヘブン Banhebun) also known as Paulverse (Japanese: ポールヴァース Pōruvu~āsu) is a website that was created, named after and ruled by Paul.

While it started off as a simple inside joke among The Petilils, it is now the main location where The Petilils gather.


Prior to its creations, the term "Paulverse" was often used as a joke among The Petilils due to how shit Miiverse was. "Paulverse" was often used as a site that would be infinitely better than Miiverse and would totally replace it.

And then it did.

HNI 0046

Paul creating Ban Haven, with Strider in the background.

On May 20, 2015, during an e-mail conversation between Paul and Rebecca, Paul decided to jokingly create a forum called Paulverse. Paul simply did it as a joke and had no intention for anyone to actually use the site, but before he could commit suicide, Rebecca suggested Paulverse to be used as a way for Petilils to communicate with other Petilils who have been banished from Miiverse. Thus, Ban Haven was born.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age of Ban Haven was great.

Countless people heard word of the site and joined The Liberation Army. All around, the site was really active.

The Inactivity Massacre

Shortly after the site became one-year old, activity on the site started to drop.

That lasted a good while and it fucking sucked.

That is, until...

The Silver Age


that is, for 2 days i guess lmao

Now The Inactivity Massacre 2.0 is active and it fucking sucks and might last forever.


  • If Ban Haven was a really big house where everyone lived then this would be the theme that would play in it.
  • Ban Haven was a mistake.