Gary (Japanese: ゲイリー Geirī) is a Wyvern Lord and a member of the Liberation Army, Organization XIV and Circle of Idiots. he originally met the others on Miiverse where he posted alot of stuff related to Fe Awakening and is still on there as he met some others friends on miiverse as well. never the less when he Heard about the Liberation Army for Ban haven Gary asked if he could join and was Gladly invited after being shown how to get there.

he continues to be a member of Ban haven and the other groups out of Loyalty and love for his friends, he also (as a reference to a Parody series known as: If the Emperor had a Text to Speech device) tries to start a Rivalry with the Pegasus knights as he some how thinks there is a Rivalry between them in the Fe Realms but no Evidence of it has come up.

Personality wise

while he does care about the others is know to get angry quickly (though he is alot more calmer now-a-days) or start beating himself if he believes he actually done something wrong. never the less if there is a person who needs help or the like he will gladly give his support. he also a bit of a fast talker if he gets a bit too excited

as mentioned he can get angry pretty easily, this is mostly due to ...well to put it bluntly it's like Waving a axe around to hit a target but you're constantly missing, or shouting at clouds. he also has a Tendency to call people Imbeciles if he thinks they've done something 'stupid' or unwise , this is most likely due to him playing Dynasty warriors and liking the Character Sima Yi, he also tries his hands at tactics but gladly admits he thinks people like Boris are better at that then he is, still he does try his best to come up with the best battle plans when the opportunity to come up with some Tactics is Available