"No task shall be too difficult when it comes to serving my people! As king of Ban Haven, I strive to be a king that listens to his people!"

— Paul, during The Game of Numbers

Paul (Japanese: ポール Pōru) is the adorable founder and king of Ban Haven, leader of The Liberation Army and overall moe God of the entire universe. He's also an absolute cutie and deserves lots of hugs.


Paul is a fourth year high school student who meets Büsra and transfers to Shujin Academy in the spring in Tokyo near Aoyama-Itchome. He lives in a coffee shop called Cafe Leblanc, located in Yongen-Jaya and owned by Angel, an acquaintance of his parents. He becomes classmates with Sam and Charlotte, who join him in his endeavors alongside the mysterious Büsra.

Additionally, he is the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a group whose purpose is to steal the hearts of corrupted adults in order to create a reformed society. Later, more members join the Phantom Thieves: Gary, Rebecca, Molly, Yarumi, and Jasper.


"I am thou, Thou art I. You frauds who are in over your heads... Allow me to show you. How you pale in comparison to us thieves! Go! Arsene!"
Paul and Arsene to Kazuya Makigami's Shadow.
Paul is shown spacing off during class before he is hit with a piece of chalk by the teacher. Afterwards, he receives a message from Sam, who asks him if they want to meet up at the usual place. Later, Sam complains about the recent activity regarding the group of burglars who break into restaurants with lax security. Gary arrives, parting with Naoya Makigami, and informs the group they have a new request on the "Ask-a-Thief" Channel, in which the client of the requests is fearing for his life. The group agrees to take the request, and Paul tails Naoya's older brother, Kazuya Makigami. When Kazuya arrives at the park, he asks Büsra to eavesdrop on their conversation, learning that Kazuya is a part of the group of burglars.

The next day, Paul and his friends begin their task of stealing the target's heart. To completely reform them, they need evidence, thus Charlotte and Sam give two of the crooks false information, saying that a shop in Yongen-Jaya is severely lacking in security, and the owner keeps all of his money in the shop. When the burglars arrive, Paul sets off a fake alarm system that causes the crooks to flee, though Kazuya takes with him a warning card, supposedly written by the Phantom Thieves.

Later on, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts begin their task to steal the target's heart, entering the Palace. There, they encounter their target; Kazuya Makigami. The client was actually his younger brother Naoya, who stated in the request that Kazuya physically abused him regularly in order to relieve stress from being with his group of burglars. In order to prove this, Paul set up the botched attempt to rob the cafe in order to gather evidence that Kazuya was in league with them. However, Kazuya corrects them by stating that he wasn't "with them," but rather the one leading them. Later, Kazuya transforms into a demon, and attacks the group, summoning two other minions.

Paul manages to repel and pin down Kazuya by summoning his Persona, Arsene, and then seems to perform a Baton Pass with Gary, who proceeds to summon Goemon, followed by Sam and Charlotte. Kazuya seems to relish the fight, saying that he feels de-stressed, and notes how thrilling stealing is. Büsra follows up Charlotte and destroys the remainder of the minions Kazuya summoned, and Paul proceeds to finish Kazuya off, stating that he has "stolen the arrogance in his heart." Afterwards, he takes the Treasure; a key that opens up a drawer in his room. Kazuya requests that he give it to his brother, and tell him to take what's inside and burn it and throw it away. As he disappears, Paul and his friends then leave the Palace.

Paul is present as Kazuya and his gang is being arrested, after he openly confessed to a large group of people with an officer present, due to being reformed by the Phantom Thieves. Kazuya notices him as he walks away, and asks who he is. Later, Paul reunites with his friends back in the Palace, as they note that their next prey is much larger.

Afterwards, Paul is then shown to be in the Velvet Room. Igor tells him that what he experienced was a possible future, and refers to him as the "prisoner," asking him what his name is.


  • A God I am: Claims to be this, but it's fake as all hell.
  • Blood Knight: Downplayed. He only enjoys fighting in video games and wouldn't want to do it in real life.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Paul is a little scatterbrained. ;v;
  • Determinator: Can be straight up this at times.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: He would rather go around barefoot than wear shoes.
  • Ironic Name: "Paul" means small, but he may be one of the taller members of Ban Haven.
  • Megane: He wears glasses.
  • Oblivious To Love: It took him three years to realize Molly had feelings for him and another few months when it happened again. Even then, she had to spell it out to him.
  • Official Couple: Paul x Molly is canon as hec k.
  • Sugar And Ice Personality: Starts off very quiet and stoic but eventually becomes more open and warm.
  • The Cutie : Paul is very cut e!!!!! ;O;
  • The Gadfly: Sometimes just says things to get a certain responds out of people and enjoys messing with people.
  • The Leader: Type 3 and 4. If Ban Haven has a leader, it's probably him.
  • The Quiet One: Subverted. He only starts out quiet around new people, but becomes very talkative when he gets comfortable with them.
  • The Trickster: Very much enjoys messing with people.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Ban Haven as a whole.


  • Paul is a heckin' cutie patootie.
  • Legend has it that if you don't worship Paul-sama every night, u will suffer the curse of the PETI ohohohohohoho
  • Paul is an oblivious fuck who didn't notice Molly had feelings for him until like 3 years later.
  • Paul's favourite Pokemon is Lilligant, not Petilil.
  • Paul is adorable and I would give him infinite hugs uvu
  • He's also the cutest cutie!!!