"Paul, if you inspire Jasper to make a thread about my genitals..."
--Zaid, describing why Gender Race is locked.
The Counting Miscounts (Japanese: カウントミスカウント Kauntomisukaunto) was an event that took place in the early days of Ban Haven. It was a short period where lots of counting threads were being made, but none of them managed to truly succeed and actually be """fun""".

Gender Race

Gender Race (Japanese: ジェンダーレース Jendārēsu) is the thread that started it all. However, it quickly gained controversy because there were far many male members than there were female members. Also people started talking about some pretty weird stuff. People agreed that the thread should be closed down before it gets out of hand and thus Gender Race was locked forever and General Chat was born.

Count to 50 before a Mod posts

Count to 50 before a Mod posts (Japanese: モデレータが投稿する前に50までカウント Moderēta ga tōkō suru mae ni 50 made kaunto) is a thread on Ban Haven. Users have to work together to count to 50 before a mod comes along and resets it all. This didn't really work out because the mods were just really active.

However, in 2017 and with the help of Boris, the users finally managed to beat the mods.

Count to 30 before a User posts

Count to 30 before a User posts (Japanese: ユーザーが投稿する前に30までカウント Yūzā ga tōkō suru mae ni 30 made kaunto) is a thread of Ban Haven that, in an ironic twist of fate, involves the mods counting to 30 before a user comes along and resets it all. In an even more ironic twist of fate, the mods actually managed to succeed pretty quickly, despite almost impossible odds.

Count to 1,000,000

Count to 1,000,000 (Japanese: 1,000,000までカウント 1,000,000 Made kaunto) was the last counting thread to be made and most likely will be that for all eternity. It also marked the end of The Counting Miscounts because no other counting threads have been made since.