The Epic Battle, featuring Jasper, Nick and Shiny.

"I'll just be here collecting dust then..."
-Nick, after the Idiot Revolution
The Idiot Revolution (Japanese: 馬鹿革命 Baka kakumei) was a conflict which occurred between the members of Organization XIV.

This is also the origin story of how The Circle of Idiots was (properly) founded.


The Idiot Revolution can be seen as a sort of follow-up to a previous attempt to get people to join Discord, which ended in failure and people just continued to use Skype.

Shiny and Jasper already talked about how much better Discord is to Skype. While The Circle of Idiots was founded during that campaign, it was soon the next day favor of Skype.

The Battle

After Jasper and Shiny began to complain that Skype is actually really awful, they encouraged everyone to just move over to Discord because it was apparently a thousand times better.

This didn't work, because Jasper and Shiny were morons and barely explained how Discord was better.

Meanwhile, on Discord, Paul decided that he wanted to learn more about Discord and actually really liked what he saw and heard. He also called out Jasper and Shiny on being idiots and not bothering to explain stuff and encouraged them to actually explain stuff.

That's when people actually started to join.


Rip skype

The end of The Idiot Revolution

Almost every Organization XIV member uses Discord now.

The End.